Emission & Process Gas Analyzers

Gas Analyzers

Ambient air gas analyzers are specifically designed to measure low levels expected in the environment. Since the concentrations are typically very low (in the ppb and ppm range), the employed analytical methods must be minimally effected by potential interfering compounds.

There are two categories of ambient air monitors. Approved methods, those designed as reference or equivalent instruments, are available for all primary pollutant gases – NO2, SO2, CO and O3. Alternative methods, providing comparable measurement, are also available for VOCs, H2S, TRS, NH3 and other hazardous air pollutants.

FUJI Electric Model ZPA IR Gas Analyzer
The ZPA is a multi-component instrument capable of simultaneously measuring up to four infra-red absorbing gases (CO, CO2, CH4, NO, SO2) plus oxygen. The instrument's single beam IR technology satisfies most environmental or process monitoring applications. Features include automatic calibration, multiple measurement ranges and remote control capability.

FUJI Electric Model ZFK Oxygen Analyzer
The ZFK is a zirconium oxide based oxygen monitoring system for in-situ installations.  A variety of probe styles and and by-pass options are available to satisfy both combustion or process monitoring requirements.  One advantage of the Model ZFK is the ability to service the sensor without removing the probe from the process. The remote control unit satisfies I/O, Modbus and auto-calibration requirements.

FUJI Electric ZPB / ZPG Low Concentration IR Gas Analyzers
The Model ZPB and Model ZPG are Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas analyzers that employ a sample switching technique that provides lower detection limits and improved stability. These instruments are available for single or multiple component analysis of CO, CO2, CH4, NO, SO2 plus oxygen.


FUJI Electric ZFG IR Gas Analyzer
The ZFG is a compact and cost-effective infrared gas analyzer for higher concentration (> 5,000 ppm) measurement of CO, CO2 or CH4. The instrument is available with one or two channels, each having up to two measurement ranges.

HORIBA PG-350 Portable Gas Analyzer
The PG-350 Portable Gas Analyzer is equipped with infra-red detectors for CO, CO2, SO2, a chemiluminescent NOx detector and an option of O2 sensors. The instrument provides multiple measurement ranges, a built-in sample pump and internal data logging capability. The employed analytical methods, compact size and robustness of the instrument make it ideal for source testing applications.