Air Quality Monitoring Instrumentation

Gas Analyzers

Ambient air gas analyzers are specifically designed to measure low levels expected in the environment. Since the concentrations are typically very low (in the ppb and ppm range), the employed analytical methods must be minimally effected by potential interfering compounds.

There are two categories of ambient air monitors. Approved methods, those designed as reference or equivalent instruments, are available for all primary pollutant gases – NO2, SO2, CO and O3. Alternative methods, providing comparable measurement, are also available for VOCs, H2S, TRS, NH3 and other hazardous air pollutants.

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HORIBA AP-370 Series
The AP-370 Series includes EPA approved instruments for the measurement of NO-NO2-NOx, SO2, CO and O3.  Products in this series also include methods for VOCs, NH3, TRS and H2S. These instruments employ advanced technology, provide comprehensive self diagnostics, excellent sensitivity and unsurpassed reliability.

UniTec ETL
The ETL is an innovative air quality monitoring solution designed for indicative, simultaneous measurement of multiple gases including NOx, CO, O3, SO2, VOcs, BTEX, CO2 and H2S. The system is equipped with SENS-IT gas detector modules for continuous monitoring with high precision and accuracy.

UniTec SensIT
The Unitec SENS-IT sensors are innovative, compact and low cost devices for environmental air quality monitoring. Based on Unitec proprietary technology, each SENS-IT sensor is specific for a single pollutant gas (i.e. CO, NO2, O3, C6H6…) with extremely high sensitivity and selectivity (also at low ppb levels)